Rock alpine index - beginning with letter M-N-O

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 Name Price category
 Meconopsis cambrica- 40cm, yellow large fls C
 Meconopsis integrifolia-hairy stem and leaf,yellow flower 80cm,China C
 Meconopsis punicea-red flowers,China C
 Meconopsis rudis C
 Melandryum zawadskyi A
 Merendera montana C
 Mertensia virginica- 50cm, blue fls,grey-bluish foliage  C
 Minuartia laricifolia ssp.kitaibelii-10cm,needle-like lvs,fls white,Tatra B
 Moltkea petraea C
 Muscari sp. - white-blue fls, Turkey A
 Muscari sp. - white fls A
 Myosotis alpestris C
 Myosotis decumbens B
 Myosotis terglouensis-dentate rosette,blue flowers up on high 2-10cm D
 Oenothera missouriensis  B
 Oenothera rosea f.Alba C
 Omphalogramma delavayi D
 Omphalogramma tibeticum  D
 Onobrychis sp.-red-violet flowers,China  C
 Ononis spinosa C
 Onosma echioides B
 Onosma propontica C
 Onosma sp. - 15cm, yellow fls C
 Ourisia glandulosa-15 cm,white with purple throat,flat cushion D
 Oxytropis campestris ssp. rishiriensis C
 Oxytropis jacquinii-nice divided leaves,10cm,violet flowers C
 Oxytropis purpurea- 15 cm,purple,grey pinnatifid foliage C
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